Cranial bone reconstruction

We offer the best cranial reconstruction solutions that technology allows us to, in order to assure your calmness and safety.

Titanium solutions, custom-made, designed and manufactured for cranial reconstructions in patients who have suffered from bone loss due to trauma, tumours, congenital diseases. We only use materials that are of guaranteed certified international quality, so that we may offer our patients extra safety.

We work with a design team that guide specialists throughout the process of manufacturing the device, in order to offer the best results possible.


Custom-made, designed and manufactured for the reconstruction of cranial defects caused by trauma, gun wounds, tumours, vascular diseases, and various other types.


  • Biomodels (Cranium with defect, implants).
  • Sintered titanium implant, custom-made, designed and manufactured. Cross-section of 1.5 mm.
  • Technical support in surgery.
  • In cases involving tumours, in order to only carry out one surgery, virtual and planning and a tumour resection guide is included.
regeneración osea craneal


placa cráneo

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