Osteophoenix, alongside Ti&T, organise guided, custom-made conferences on tissue Engineering, where a representative of our scientific comittee will talk about biological techniques, combined with engineering principles and new technology, all of which aims to regenerate bone tissue that has been lost, and that is needed to place implants predictably or restore the lost function.

  • Introduction to tissue engineering
  • Biological Principles of guided bone regeneration
  • Criteria and protocols for designing barriers

This course is free and places are limited. This course does not authorise the use of Osteophoenix´s Occlusive Barriers system.

For more information contact:

Sra. Marta Guiménez

Tel nº: 647 898 871


Before being able to use Osteophoenix´s occlusive barrier system, our guided, custom-made course on tissue Engineering must be undertaken, endorsed by the University of Barcelona, who authorises professionals to be able to use the system. The theoretical formation lasts two days, and includes the teaching of the biological bases and detailed system protocol, and practical training with a pre-clinical part, which is subject to the headquarters availability and included in the price of the course.

Once the course has been carried out, the professional must obtain an additional authorising diploma, from the University of Barcelona, that certifies their theoretical ability with regards to the system, and designates their right to our system.

Additionally, their information will be included in our website´s list of authorised personnel, as a professional reference, and they will be able to access our student area, in which instructive videos on how to order devices will be available, as well as system updates, and another series of exclusive content for Osteophoenix clients.

Marta Giménez

Tel. 647 898 871

Nerea Ramos

Tel. 94 438 86 29