About Us


To develop new systems and procedures to aid in the regeneration of organs and tissues, implementing cutting-edge technology from the health sector, promoting universal and widespread use of the solutions that we are developing.

To create custom-made solutions that allow for surgical stabilisation, fixing and reconstruction.>

Due to our experience, knowledge, research and use of CAD/CAM tools and 3D printing, we can offer optimum surgical results, to facilitate the patient´s recovery and their complete functional rehabilitation.

To provide numerous patients with access to well-investigated solutions, taking into account regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, covering the three areas (synthetic meshes, biological matrices and growth factors), as fundamental aspects.


  • To offer new CAD/CAM technologies and 3D printing for diagnosis and planning of the surgical procedure.
  • To reduce the surgical approach, to facilitate the healing and/or regeneration process.
  • To reduce time spent in the operating theatre and the recovery time, thanks to the use of surgical guides and custom-made medical devices.
  • To improve the patient´s functionality, their reincorporation into society and their daily activities.