Reconstruction for the Facial Middle Third

Custom titanium devices designed and manufactured with the latest 3D technologies for those patients who require reconstruction of the facial middle third such as malars, orbits and zygomatics. On the other hand, biomodels allow you virtual planning, reduce surgical times and better results.

Solutions of the facial middle third

Titanium facial middle third implants

Titanium solutions, designed and manufactured in medical grade titanium, tailored for malar, orbital and zygomatic reconstructions.

The advantages offered by this product are:

  • It integrates perfectly with the fabric.
  • Technical support in implant design. We have a team of designers who will guide the specialist in making the device to obtain the best results.
  • Includes biomodel.
Biomodels for the Reconstruction of the Facial Middle Third

Biomodels are anatomical models derived from a tomographic image of the patient, which allows us to obtain a representative 3D image of the patient's situation. Biomodels provide the surgeon with certain phases prior to surgery, which would otherwise be more complicated or require more effort and time. Among them: convincing the patient to carry out the treatment and precise planning of the surgical procedure. Biomodels can be helpful in planning incisions and osteotomies. In addition, biomodels are clinically proven to reduce surgery times and thus patient exposure to anesthesia and blood loss. In the reconstruction of the facial middle third, since the surgical planning of these fractures is highly complex, biomodels have been shown to optimize planning and, therefore, results.