Occlusive Barriers Training

Information conferences

Osteophoenix, alongside Ti&T, organise guided, custom-made conferences on tissue Engineering, where a representative of our scientific comittee will talk about biological techniques, combined with engineering principles and new technology, all of which aims to regenerate bone tissue that has been lost, and that is needed to place implants predictably or restore the lost function.

  • Introduction to tissue engineering.
  • Biological Principles of guided bone regeneration.
  • Criteria and protocols for designing barriers.
  • For more information contact:
  • Osteophoenix
  • Phone: (+34) 946 51 11 66 / (+34) 722 892 335
  • [email protected]
  • This catalog contains images that are intended for health professionals as there may be images that hurt the sensitivity of some people.

Accreditation process


Given that the biological and technical concepts of the system constitute a revolution in the way of regenerating both support and protection tissues, it has been necessary to do a training to access the technique, for this purpose a special course has been prepared to professional dentists and maxillofacial surgeons.

To consult economic and logistical conditions, contact directly to [email protected]