Craniomaxillofacial Reconstruction

We are experts in the design and manufacture of solutions for cranial, mandibular and facial reconstruction, using CAD-CAM technology. Among our product lines are: cranial defects, mandibular reconstruction, reconstruction of the midface, custom TMJ and orthognathic prostheses, among others. Each product comes with its corresponding biomodel to facilitate the surgical planning. The biomodel manufacturing service of any anatomical part is also offered. Other of our most requested products are surgical guides, very useful for better precision. This technology offers better results and reduces surgery times, since prior planning is carried out.

Img cranial bone reconstruction

Cranial Bone Reconstruction

Custom-made titanium devices designed and manufactured using 3D technology. Recommended for cranial defects caused by various reasons, such as trauma, wounds, weapons, tumors, vascular diseases, among others.

Img juxta-osseous implants timatrix

Juxta-Osseous Implants TiMatrix

Device designed and manufactured in titanium for osseointegrable mesostructures perfectly adapted to the bone surface and with an increased capacity for transmission and distribution of forces.

Img TMJ prosthesis

TMJ prosthesis

Device designed and manufactured in custom titanium. Indicated in case of temporomandibular joint disorders, ankylosis, tumors, trauma, congenital diseases, among others.

Img custom orthognathic

Custom Orthognathic

Custom-made titanium devices designed and manufactured using 3D technology. Indicated for the correction of dento-cranio-maxillofacial deformities to achieve the perfect balance of the facial features of each patient.

Img biomodel


Biomodels simplify the surgical treatment, reduces the time in the operating room and aids the specialist to reach better results.