Bone Regeneration in Dentistry

At Osteophoenix we manufacture a wide variety of medical devices. Until now, we have focused on devices customized to the needs of each patient. Within the dental regeneration, it is worth mentioning the Occlusive System that includes the occlusive barriers and the patient-matched titanium membrane. For each product to be fully personalized, we need digital information that is normally provided by the professional in question, in this case, the dentist. In addition, the system includes a biomodel with which the professional can prepare her surgery beforehand and the patient will have the possibility of observing how it will look on her bone. On the other hand, with the vision of expanding our dental market, we have been working in recent years in the development of osteosynthesis screws and the titanium membrane, finally achieving all the certifications for its commercialization.

Regeneración membranas de titanio en serie

Pure titanium membrane. It does not require CAD-CAM technology, since it is not a custom device. Just as effective as the patient-matched titanium membrane. Recommended for bone defects with the absence of up to three walls.

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Regeneración tornillos de osteosíntesis

Titanium screws of different sizes. Special designs to anchor in the bone and maintain any type of dental regeneration membrane / device.

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Biomodelos para regeneración odontológica

At Osteophoenix we want to facilitate and reduce the time in the operating room to obtain better results, for this we offer biomodels custom made to the patient using different 3D technologies.

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